What is a Co-Op program?

A Co-Op program involves students taking off time from school to work full-time.
Co-Ops are usually paid and last around three to 12 months. As a result, students are
not in class for sometimes a full year of their college career.




Why should I invest in a Co-Op program?

Co-Op programs are the best way for college students to earn a college degree,
make money to pay for a college degree, gain valuable work experience and position
yourself to get a job upon graduation.


Apply Gained knowledge

While working in a Co-Op, students will gain useful knowledge and information that they can use in future careers that will set you higher than others.

Gain real-world experience

Students will have direct experience in a work setting while being provided with mentoring, supervision, and a chance to reflect which is a perfect resume builder that will set you apart.

Identify future career

Experiencing a Co-Op allows students to zero in on what they like/dislike about certain tasks, projects, and careers giving better insight as to what career path they want to follow.

Earn money

The good news is that Co-Ops are quite frequently paid, which allows students the option to pay off remaining student loans while they are away from school for a full year.