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Digital and IT careers are exciting, creative, and innovative! With dozens of specialties, there is a career that is a perfect fit for you.

Understand what it really means to be in an IT career. IT is creative and cutting edge, supporting all industries to create a better world.  There are jobs in IT that change the world, defend against cyberattacks, solve problems using technology, lead creative teams, and design and build websites & apps. 

NEW Digital Alliance provides:

  • Resources to learn new IT skillsets to set yourself apart when looking for a career in IT. On our resources page, we have learning opportunities for AI & Machine Learning, Coding, Cyber Security, information on Job Resources and Career Exploration and information on how computers work. This is a great way to get a start in a variety of fields of computer science and IT!
  • NEW Job Map and our Job Board to see which companies in the area have open IT positions. Employers in the area are always looking for new employees with employable skills like collaborative skills, communication skills, and technological skills 

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There is a career in IT for everyone! In each of these interviews, see a different career in IT and a new perspective of the benefits of having a career in IT in Northeastern Wisconsin.


Mike works at the College of Nursing at UW Oshkosh as a Simulation Specialist. His job blends IT and healthcare so that he is able to help future nurses grow and learn. Mike started his career journey in IT as a computer programmer analyst in the military.


Sam works as a Project Manager for Nsight. She loves project management because she feels a sense of achievement when completing her goals. Sam believes communication and adaptability are critical to any role in IT. 

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Matt works as a User Interface Designer at J.J. Keller & Associates. He gets to use both technical and creative aspects of information technology to develop the front end of websites and mobile applications.
 Ashley works as a Business Analyst at J.J. Keller. She gets to use her analytic skills to solve problems everyday. Ashley is creative, curious, and persistent, which is a valuable skillset in the IT industry.

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Trevor works as a Project Manager for Amcor (formerly known as Bemis). He gets to use his skill of communication every day to manage a team in order to complete a project. Trevor also talks about the importance of security in IT. 

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Emily works in the Security sector of Oshkosh Corporation. She gets to use her knowledge of new data breaches to help people learn about computer security and stay safe in their place of work.


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Rafael works with coding and database creation, which is an important field in IT. He gets to use creativity in his career to develop unique solutions for each client he has.

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Kylie explains the benefits of having a job in IT and the importance of being a woman in the IT field. Kylie works as a System Administrator at Nsight. She gets to collaborate with her team to allow her company to function properly. Kylie is an ambassador for all women in the IT field or interested in the IT field.

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Roger as a Software Quality Analyst for Nsight. In his career, Roger gets to test all the software that Nsight releases while using his attention to detail to make sure it is a job well done. Roger enjoys working in the technology field because he wants to make a mark on the future.

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Jess works in the Data and AI domain, which is a growing field in IT. She explains why having a Field Engineer job is so important and fun. Jess explains what she does to promote and share the ideas the Microsoft has and why it means to much to her and the people she is presenting to.