Microsoft TechSpark

Growing economic opportunity across the U.S.

Microsoft launched the TechSpark program to accelerate economic growth in six communities across the United States and Mexico. Through TechSpark, they work with local community organizations to develop digital skills, support nonprofits and create jobs.

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Rapid advancement in technology is creating new opportunities in a digital economy, changing how we communicate, learn, work and access healthcare and other essential services. But these opportunities remain out of reach for many in rural communities, small or midsize cities, or underserved areas of larger metropolitan areas.

TechSpark delivers a combination of funding and hands-on mentorship and training. In partnership with a local organization in each state, they supply a grant to support a TechSpark Fellow to spearhead local efforts. This work is hyperlocal and partner-driven. Having someone on the ground from the community, and deeply embedded in the community, is crucial to driving change.

TechSpark focuses on four key issues:
  • Digital access: Building broadband infrastructure so people have access to essential online activities
  • Computer science education: Helping build computer science classes in local schools
  • Digital skills: Helping people learn the skills they need for the jobs of the future
  • Digital transformation: Helping nonprofits, startups and local businesses leverage technology to grow, innovate and compete

Microsoft wants everyone to benefit from what they have learned to date, which is why they released a playbook and a resource hub to replicate and build on the things they’ve tried over the last five years. They hope it can be a resource for anyone looking to drive change in their community and help bolster the local economy.

Empowering Communities PlaybookResource Hub | Digital Inclusion Resources

Read full Microsoft TechSpark: Growing economic opportunity across the United States article originally posted on Feb 15, 2023 by Kate Behncken – Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Philanthropies.