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NEW IT 2015 Survey Building Northeast Wisconsin IT Talent Pipeline Analysis and Recommendations

Survey Results

M7 Tech Talent Report – 2018 Milwaukee’s Tech Talent Impact Report

Analysis of Tech Talent needs for the M7 region


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July 12, 2018

Tech Community: Artificial Intelligence Talent Impacts

NEW IT Alliance: NEW IT Alliance Jul 2018

Laura Schmidt: IT Alliance Impact Of AI On Talent Pipeline 7 12 18

June 11, 2018

Digital Learning Opportunities in NEW Report Out

Techspark: Digital Learning Opportunities in NEW Report Out

Laura Schmidt: Digital Learning Opportunities_New Berlin Schools


Job Resources

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Job Center of Wisconsin Listing of jobs in Wisconsin
WisConnect Listing of Wisconsin Internships
Skill Explorer Skill Explorer: Linking people, skills, and knowledge to job postings.
How to Accelerate
Innovation and Insights
with the Power Platform Webinar: Walks through the steps to create apps, automated tasks, and data visualization.

Career Exploration

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Business Analyst Job Description Learn more about the BA position Includes resources on BA organizations, online training, management websites, job description, and skills required.
Careers With Code Online IT career exploration magazine. is a website with tools to help you find scholarships, resources for computer science programs in Wisconsin, and promote women in Computer Science.

AI and Machine Learning

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Google AI Experiments Google AI Experiments Google AI Experiments are simple artificial intelligence experiments that make it easier for users to explore machine learning through various forms of art. This includes experiments on AI with learning, drawing, music and much more.
Machine Learning Machine Learning for Kids Machine Learning for Kids builds off the existing platforms of Scratch and App Inventor and is an easy-to-use tool to learn about machine learning.

Lesson Plans

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Girls Who Code: Women in Tech Lesson Plans Women in Tech Lesson Plans

Free lesson plans covering robotics, user experience, algorithms, decomposition, and more all featuring a female role model.

Learn to Code Tools

Name URL Notes Tools, videos, lessons for teachers and students k-12 wanting to learn to code “unplugged” for k-5 This page has links to lesson plans and handouts, plus there are videos that introduce many of the activities here.  (NOTE that some of the videos are intended for the students, while others are for YOU the teacher to get a feeling for how to run the activity with a group of students.)
CS Unplugged Free, hands-on activities for teachers and parents to help kids learn how to code. The site is updated regularly with new activities.
DigiGirlz Microsoft development classes and camps
Engineering Girl Interviews and resources for all things engineering, including software engineering
Girl Powered Tools for those interested in increasing the number of girls in VEX Robotics
Girl-powered coaches guide Basic Programming skills for Students
Girls Who Code Club based free curriculum to help youth learn how to code
Lightbot A game that introduces fundamental CS principles
MIT App Inventor Develop and test Android apps
Programming Basics for Students
National Center for Women & Information Technology Scholarships, awards, and computer science tools for teachers and students
Python Room Self-paced lessons, monitored progress by the instructor and the teacher gets the solutions as well to help assist
Scratch Introductory programming modules
Quick Base Programming Basics for Students

Robust Wiki about the game

A robust builder game where kids can get exposed to programming and making their own games, levels, worlds, and more.
500 Free Coding Courses List of 500 free online courses that you can start this month
A History of Computer Programming Languages Timeline of computer programming languages and who developed them

Cyber Security Learning Tools

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Cybrary Free open source learning for cybersecurity, IT, and more
Day of Cyber (NSA) A free, online program that allows students to experience a day in the life of the nation’s top cybersecurity experts – in just three hours
SANS CyberStart A free online resource that gives students  the ability to learn about cybersecurity, attend camps with a focus on cybersecurity, and even compete in a Cyber League
Cyber Seek Resource for individuals looking to learn more about cyber security careers.
Cyber Education Wisconsin Cyber Education Wisconsin is a free online resource that allows you to explore careers in cybersecurity, see levels of education, and access to cybersecurity conferences.
NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NICE Framework), published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in NIST Special Publication 800-181, is a nationally focused resource that establishes a taxonomy and common lexicon to describe cybersecurity work, and workers, regardless of where, or for whom, the work is performed.
DPI – Cyberbullying The Wisconsin DPI provides a page with resources on what cyberbullying is and what it is not as well as other online etiquette teaching and learning resources.


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Mind Trekkers Fun Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities you can try at home or school.

How Computers Work

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Introducing How Computers Work  Bill Gates kicks off an introduction to the series How Computers Work.
What Makes a Computer, a Computer?  Computers are all around us, but what really makes a computer, a computer? Explore the history of computers and the features they all share.

Binary & Data You’ll hear that everything’s “1s and 0s” in a computer, but what does that mean? Find out how computers represent numbers, words, images, and sound.
Circuits and Logic Computers process information in the blink of an eye. It’s not magic though, it’s just millions of tiny circuits!

How Computers Work: CPU, Memory, Input & Output Dive a little deeper into the actual components that allow a computer to input, store, process, and output information.

How Computers Work: Hardware and Software  Take a peek into the relationship between software and the hardware it controls.

How Computers work: Video Library A video library of educational videos for re-use by educators worldwide, online or in classrooms.