Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Ensures that a company’s networks, systems, and data are secure from break-in and theft. Research, plan, implement, and upgrade security measures to ensure the protection of the computers and data. This may include training of employees on cybersecurity procedures like good password protocols and responding to security breaches – often working with local and federal law enforcement agencies if an attack occurs.

Job Examples:

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Forensic Computer Analyst
  • Cyber Security Senior Professional
  • Chief Information Security Officer

Skills include:

  • Into detection and monitoring
  • Likes forensic work (think CSI)
  • Likes to “outsmart” the bad guy and prevent cybercrime
  • Likes learning about hacking


Typically starts around $55,000 and that can increase up to $140,000


With the growing number of attacks and impact to companies, the need for cyber security analysts is increasing faster than new cyber security analysts can be educated.

Cyber Security

Educational Pathway Options

Training Courses/Boot Camp Cybersecurity Training (New Horizons)

Cybersecurity I &Cybersecurity II class (Lakeland)

Pathway Certificate Cybersecurity Certificate (pending – fall 2020) (UWO)

Security+ Certification (New Horizons)

Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) (New Horizons)

Information Security Certificate (MPTC)

Technical Diploma
Associate Degree IT-Security Technologist (NWTC)

Information Systems Security Specialist (FVTC)

Cybersecurity Specialist (MPTC)

Bachelor’s Degree BS in Computer Science – Information Assurance and Security (UWGB)

BBA Information Systems with Cybersecurity Emphasis (pending – fall 2020) (UWO)

BS Computer Science (UWO)

BS Computer Science with Systems and Theory emphasis (UWO)

Transfer Agreement
Master’s Degree MS Cybersecurity – UW Collaborative (UWGB & UWO)