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Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction Achieves R2v3 Certification

Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction (SEDD), with operating facilities in Oshkosh, WI & La Vista, NE, has received R2v3 certification. R2v3 is the latest release of the R2 standard by Washington-based Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI). It reflects the dynamic changes in the electronics landscape concerning customer needs, security, and environmental regulations. 

SERI’s R2v3 requirements have increased the emphasis on reuse and protecting data, strengthened data security controls, and enhanced controls for test, repair, and reuse operations to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the operations.

Jason Lasky, Director of SEDD, states, “This achievement positions us to assist our clients in meeting their needs for security and sustainability while providing a certified solution. We thank our entire SEDD team for an impressive audit result that has led us to achieve our certificate, and I cannot overstate the amount of effort that went into this result.”

In addition to receiving its R2v3 certificate SEDD, has also been recertified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard, and the ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Standards. Jason shared, “Investments in our business, processes, and people not only provide us with dynamic paths for continuous improvements, but it also allows us to offer strategic options to our clients for the secure disposal or reuse of their electronics equipment.”

Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction began in 2015 with 2 warehouse locations dedicated to the secure recycling of electronics and as a way to enhance the sustainable offerings that its parent Sadoff Iron & Metal Company, provided to their domestic and international clients for over 75 years. “Our company has long valued the use of operating standards, and the R2 and ISO standards align with our values and vision to be the Preferred Choice in Recycling.” Stated Jason. 

Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction is a subsidiary of Sadoff Iron & Metal Company (SIM), a Fond du Lac, WI based recycler of ferrous and nonferrous materials. SIM was founded in 1947, operates seven additional recycling facilities, and employs over 250 associates. 

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The Journey (and Value) of a Data-Driven Organization

October 31, 2023
By: Scott Hietpas

Becoming a data-driven organization is crucial for digital innovation. It offers scalability, cost reduction, and improved user experiences that drive business growth.

In the modern business landscape, it is essential for organizations to be data-driven. This concept isn’t merely about amassing data; it’s about strategically harnessing the power of that data to inform, guide, and shape business decisions. Organizations that succeed in achieving this often find themselves at the forefront of their industry, equipped with the ability to anticipate trends, understand customer behavior, and swiftly make well-informed strategic decisions.

At Core BTS, we are steadfast proponents of a data-driven culture, firmly believing in the democratization of data access to optimize organizational performance. We understand the multifaceted benefits that data-driven decision-making brings. Advanced analytics play a pivotal role in this endeavor, enabling our clients to derive significant value from the extensive data they possess, thereby driving success.

In this article, we will explain the fundamental aspects of becoming a data-driven organization by diving into the core facets of data analytics, illuminating the importance of fostering a data-driven culture, and sharing key initiatives instrumental to your organization’s transformation.

Embarking on this transformation may appear daunting. However, with the correct mindset and structured approach, transitioning into a data-driven organization is not only achievable but it is beneficial in the long run.

Topics in article:

  • Benefits of Becoming Data-Driven
  • Establishing Your Data Strategy
  • Building a Metrics-Based Culture
  • Cultivating Your Data Science Professionals
  • Adopting Best Practices from Market Leaders
  • Conquering Data Literacy and Data Quality
  • Integrating Data into Your Organization’s DNA
  • Harnessing the Power of Data
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Digital tech looks to play an important role in future of manufacturing

New report indicates more than 330 manufacturers surveyed are bullish on the economy, their future earnings and their rate of digital transformation.

Wipfli LLP (Wipfli), a top 20 advisory and accounting firm, published a report today based on a survey of more than 330 directors and C-level executives within the manufacturing sector to better understand their biggest challenges, their outlook on the economy and what’s influencing their success. Despite the myriad challenges presented on the fronts of everything from technology and automation to employee retention and lingering supply chain issues, the 2024 State of Manufacturing report remains optimistic on what lies ahead. The resilience demonstrated by manufacturers throughout the pandemic has not only allowed them to weather the storm but also fostered a positive outlook for the future. The survey results shed light on various factors impacting manufacturers’ outlooks on both economic prospects and digital transformation efforts.

“Manufacturers have shown remarkable resilience throughout these challenging times, a testament to their ability to adapt and thrive amidst uncertainty,” said Bill Boucher, manufacturing, retail and distribution leader at Wipfli. “However, it’s imperative that we address critical areas such as employee retention, data security and rising costs tied to inflation. Our research shows while there are many obstacles, there is even more untapped potential in the areas of digital technology and AI that need consideration as we move forward into 2024.”

One of the top current challenges is data security — an issue that requires diligent safeguarding measures given its potential ramifications if left unaddressed or mishandled. While this is still a pressing concern, 35% of respondents said they had three or more incidents of unauthorized access to data in the previous 12 months — a 10% decrease from 2021 — largely due to the 70% of manufacturers that increased their investment in cybersecurity measures.

Lastly, ninety-nine percent of manufacturers overwhelmingly prioritize digital advancement; however, only 47% have harnessed robotics or automation capabilities thus far — a statistic reflecting untapped potential within this realm. Similarly revealing is the fact that just 36% have successfully incorporated artificial intelligence into their business operations — underscoring room for further adoption and utilization of this transformative technology. These findings emphasize the need for continued dedication to digital transformation and technological advancement for manufacturers to maintain their status as leaders and innovators within the U.S. economy.

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7 Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Tech Talent

By TEKsystems

Companies with innovative workforce development strategies attract top talent, driving faster digital transformation and business success. Learn how to become a leading employer.

Adaptability is the name of the game for tech companies looking to stand out as top employers and innovators. The talent gap accelerated during the pandemic, changing workplace expectations, and amplifying the need for innovative recruitment and retention plans.

Why Is Workforce Development Crucial in Today’s Job Market?

Technology and business models are being pushed to evolve, driving demand for new skills and more talent in IT. Employers should take a fresh approach to workforce development, as professionals with in-demand skills and experience can be selective about the opportunities they decide to pursue.

Building a strong workforce development strategy requires focus and intention at every level of an organization. Breaking down unintentional bias in hiring and promotions should be foundational and structured around a flexible, continuous learning environment. Why not start today with reimagining your approach? The skills and talent gap continues to grow, and companies that fail to act will be hit at their bottom line:

  • Increased attrition
  • Missed opportunities from nontraditional talent sources
  • Decreased revenue

These preventable issues are barriers to unlocking the full potential for business success.

Where to Start

To become a highly sought-after employer and a leader in workforce development, start with a new organizational approach that fosters opportunity, inclusion, flexibility and career advancement. This infographic breaks down the top seven tips to come out ahead in recruiting and retention.

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Regional News

Nominate your employer as one of Northeast Wisconsin's Top Workplaces

Green Bay Press-Gazette

Nominations are now open for the USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin’s Northeast Wisconsin Top Workplaces awards.

This is the first year the northeastern Wisconsin newspapers will partner with Energage to evaluate employers based on employees’ input. Any employer located in the 18-county area with more than 35 employees is eligible to participate. The 18 counties are: Brown, Calumet, Door, Florence, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Marquette, Marinette, Menominee, Oconto, Outagamie, Sheboygan, Shawano, Waupaca, Waushara, and Winnebago.

Top Workplaces is open to any employer, be it a public, private, government or nonprofit entity. Anyone can nominate any organization for consideration as a Top Workplace. You don’t have to be an executive, or even an employee. Participation is free for companies and there is no obligation to purchase any product or service.

Energage conducts Top Workplaces surveys for media in 65 markets and surveyed more than 2 million employees at more than 8,000 organizations in 2022. Employers that agree to participate will have their employees sent a 24-question survey to complete. Employers will be surveyed from November through March 2024 with awards announced in summer 2024.

Nominations close December 29th, 2023.

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Recruiting and supporting Black learners in IT programs

By Tabitha Whissemore
Community College Daily
October 26, 2023

Information technology (IT) jobs are in demand and pay well. But Black Americans comprise only 8% of the tech workforce.

Why? Structural barriers make it difficult for Black learners and workers to access and thrive in IT training programs, according to a new Jobs for the Future (JFF) report, which highlights data on Black learners in two-year and credential IT programs, examines the barriers facing Black learners and includes insight from administrators and faculty at community colleges.

The data

JFF found that 1,000 postsecondary institutions offer IT training programs. Only 40% of those IT programs had at least 10 Black learners enrolled in 2017 to 2021.

Overall, for each year of JFF’s study, there were about 180,000 total students enrolled in IT programs across the country. Between 24,000 and 25,000 were Black learners.

Looking at gender, on average, only about 35% of the 1,000 colleges had at least 10 Black male learners enrolled in their IT program per year. That dropped to 15% for Black women.

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The future of business will be powered by Generative AI

By Kerim Akgonul
March 1, 2023

The recent innovations in Generative AI have inspired – and perhaps concerned – us all. For my teenage children, this inspiration takes the form of ChatGPT writing them rap songs about our dog going to space (along with trying to get it to do their homework for them).

For business leaders, this inspiration and concern takes the form of rethinking entire industries. Rethinking what it looks like to engage their market, service their customers, and run their business.

We at Pega believe that Generative AI technologies, like GPT-3, will revolutionize all aspects of business – provided they can be applied in a responsible way with governance built in. Over the past few weeks, we’ve engaged with innovative leaders at many of our clients who share that vision: that Generative AI represents a massive opportunity to improve the customer experience, increase productivity, and cut costs. Applying this latest generation of AI models is an important step on the path to the Autonomous Enterprise.

That’s why today we announced new integrations with Generative AI models which will power new capabilities across our low-code platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation

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WI Gains Prestigious EDA Tech Hub Designation

BioForward News
October 23, 2023

Wisconsin has been selected as one of only 31 regions in the country to receive the Economic Development Administration (EDA) Regional Technology and Innovations Hub (Tech Hub) Phase 1 designation. Implemented as part of the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, the designation recognizes the state’s existing strength in personalized medicine, biohealth technology, precision manufacturing and automation and its capabilities for exponential growth and innovation. Furthermore, Wisconsin will receive one of 29 Strategy Development Grants to enhance the realization of the Tech Hub Designation’s strategic vision.

“I am thrilled that the Biden administration sees what we knew all along: Wisconsin is the perfect place for a Tech Hub. We have cutting-edge businesses, a second-to-none workforce, and a robust manufacturing economy, positioning us perfectly to be at the center of innovation,” said U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin. “I was proud to support the legislation that created the Tech Hub program and am now proud to see Wisconsin get initial investments that will spur economic growth, accelerate advances in health care manufacturing, and create good-paying jobs. I am committed to keep fighting to make sure Wisconsin lands a Tech Hub and we can carry forward our state’s rich tradition of manufacturing and innovation.”

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