Project Manager

Project Manager

A project manager is in charge of working with all the people involved with a project and communicating to those who will be impacted by the changes. They are responsible for making sure projects are delivered on time, in scope (the employees get what they need), and within budget. This is a job that requires good people skills.

Skills include:

  • Good at coordinating and managing groups of people
  • Enjoys planning
  • Very organized
  • Works well with a variety of people
  • Likes to get things done


Typically starts around $45,000 and can increase up to $136,000.


Most IT employees will manage a project at some point in their job. Larger companies often have a team of dedicated project managers.

Project Manager

Educational Pathway Options

Training Courses/Boot Camp Project Management (New Horizons)

Information Technology Project Management class (Lakeland)

Pathway Certificate Quality Improvement & Innovation (NWTC)

Business Requirements Specialist (NWTC)

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) (New Horizons)

Project Coordinator (MPTC)

Technical Diploma Project Management (NWTC)
Associate Degree Business Analyst (NWTC)

Leadership Development  (NWTC)

Manufacturing Operations Management (NWTC)

Bachelor’s Degree BBA Information Systems with Enterprise Systems (ERP) Technology Management Emphasis (UWO)

BBA Management with Project Management Concentration (UWO)

Minor Information Systems Minor (UWO)
Transfer Agreement
Master’s Degree MS IT Management (UWO)