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Externship Sponsorship


As the need for IT people continues to increase, one of the bottlenecks in the pipeline is the lack of awareness among K12 teachers of the career opportunities within IT. Below you will find two opportunities for you to help teachers gain a better understanding of the IT talent needs in Northeast Wisconsin.

To help educate our educators on what opportunities are available for students interested in IT, the NEW IT Alliance in collaboration with CESA6 is developing a two day externship for teachers in the CESA6 and CESA7 area. This externship is designed to:

  • Increase educator knowledge of IT labor market needs within region
  • Bridge classroom instruction to create more relevance to student learning.
  • Increase student interest in IT career fields within the region

The Ask

We are targeting a total of 40 teachers for this first externship, and are looking for forward thinking companies willing to help.

Two ways to get involved – do one, or do both!

  • Externship Host: Host a small group of teachers onsite for 3 hours – share what your company does, how IT helps drive business value, what IT roles you employ, and how they all interact. Detailed information on the three hours will be provided when you sign up.
  • Externship Sponsor: Sponsor our teachers on their learning adventure. Teachers will receive a small stipend for their time as well as lunch on Day 1. Select the level that works for you!
    • Participation: $500
    • Bronze: $750
    • Silver: $1000
    • Gold: $1500
    • Platinum: $2000

Dates for the event are still being determined, but will likely be in the early part of June after school lets out.

Contact Kim Iversen at newitalliance@gmail.com for more information about sponsorships and hosting. Deadline for event participation is April 7, 2018.