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The Hive

Interesting People,

Unique Conversations,

Food & Beverages,

Scalable Tech Startups,

& Disruptive Innovation!


The Hive is a twice-monthly meetup of disruptive innovators, people passionate about scalable tech startups, and the general TIE community (tech, innovator, entrepreneur). At The Hive, you can expect interesting people, unique conversations, food, beverages, disruptive innovation, and scalable tech startups. The ultimate goal of The Hive activities is to Reboot and Disrupt the region’s culture of emerging tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship by:

  • Connecting disruptive innovators and boundary spanners
  • Connecting past, present, and future scalable startup cofounders
  • Connecting the general TIE community (tech, innovator, entrepreneur)
  • Encouraging and facilitating the launch of scalable startups


  • Disruptive innovators and boundary spanners
  • Scalable startup cofounders (past, present, future)
  • Tech people, innovators, entrepreneurs


The Hive meets on the upper level of Mr Brews Taphouse, 201 S. RiverHeath Way, Appleton, Wisconsin. http://www.mrbrewstaphouse.com/locations/appleton-wi/

Although Appleton is the location of The Hive s 2018 launch, people from all over NE Wisconsin are invited and welcome to participate!


The Hive meets twice per month, on the second and fourth Thursdays from 6 to 8 PM.

[The 2nd floor meeting space at Mr Brews/Appleton is open for The Hive participants to meet in from 5 PM to 10 PM for working on startups, starting new relationships, and deepening current relationships.]

For more info, contact us at thehive@fullybuzzed.com