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Teaching Marketing Tactics – Neenah High School

Working with the students was a really rewarding experience. These students have crafted their own businesses and have generated product ideas that they will have the opportunity to discuss in front of a panel of investors. This was a real world “Shark Tank” experience and being able to teach and guide them alongside their instructor, Dan Putman, was truly an amazing opportunity. The students were eager to learn and engaged in the course material that I presented on (Marketing Tactics, SEO and Audience Reach). I think the most fun was bringing a Marketing tool called “Marketing Practice” by McGraw Hill Education into the classroom. It’s a virtual sims game that allows students to create a backpack and choose their target market, marketing strategies, and outlets to sell, the end result allowing the students to see how well they did. This was something we did when I was in college, and to be able to learn from it and bring it back to Neenah High School was pretty amazing. I know these students will do well presenting their businesses and I can only hope that more and more students become engaged in not only entrepreneurship, but also in digital marketing and technology, as our world is quickly changing and those students are going to be the next generation in the workforce to one day teach the next generation and so on.