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Member Spotlight: Smart IS International

Smart-IS International Smart IS International originally began in 1988 as Oracular Systems and Software in Naperville, IL; focusing on Oracle based services and solutions to Manufacturing and Supply Chain organizations.

From the start – majority of our customer base was in the Fox Valley, WI area; therefore, the management decided to relocate the head office to Oshkosh, WI – and be close to our customers.

Over the years we added JD Edwards, E-Business, Web Hosting, PeopleSoft, RedPrairie/ JDA, Managed Services, Microsoft, and Custom Development services to our portfolio. We expanded our partnerships and strengthened our commitment to the Oshkosh community.

Our current CEO, Khurram Ahmad, stepped up in 2014 and continued to revolutionize Oracular IS by bringing new innovations and delivery capabilities to our already rich portfolio.  Leading up to 2019, Oracular expanded its services portfolio to include: Digital Marketing and e-Commerce practices, and opened off-shore offices in Islamabad, Pakistan and a sales office in Frankfurt, Germany.

A lot had changed in 30 years.  We are a much different company today, with many new offerings; hence it was time to redefine our go-to-market message to suit our current state.   The decision was made to change the brand name to better reflect our culture, services and most of all the innovative spirit that we are so proud of.

In December 2018 we ‘privately’ announced our new name to our clients and friends and started to do business as Smart IS International.  This change was well received and energized our teams and customers alike.

As excited as we were to start the new journey, the announcing to the world had to be with a bang.  Hence on May 2nd, we hosted EMERGE, an event to publicly announce our new name as: Smart IS International.

The event was a huge success and well attended by friends, partners, clients and the community in general. EMERGE provided the opportunity to showcase our capabilities and generate the excitement within the community. We are more than grateful to the entire Smart IS family for supporting us and showing up to commence this new chapter.

Over the years, we have grown in our services, locations, and team size. With this growth we have lost none of the intimacy we have within our offices and our community. Being a part of our team is not only to fulfill your job description, but to be an active member of the Oshkosh, Islamabad, and Frankfurt community. We are continuously working to support and enhance the local IT communities by offering lectures, providing opportunities to young professionals, and donating to local and national charities and non-profits.

We strongly believe that the only way forward is to lift those around us and bring them on our journey of growth.

Because we have held these values since 1988, we continue being empowered by our Smart IS family, while doing the same for our local and global community. We’re excited to move forward with Sincerity, Mindfulness, Agility, Responsibility, Truthfulness.

Smart IS International

Same Values| Same Company| New Name