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Help Modernize Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship Program

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  • Finance
    • Basic/Advanced Banking
    • Basic/Advanced Accounting
    • Insurance
  • Health Science
    • Nursing Assistant
    • Medical Assistant
    • Dental Assistant
    • Medical Office
    • Ambulatory Support
  • Hospitality, Lodging and Tourism
    • Kitchen and Dining Room
    • Maintenance and Grounds
    • Meetings and Events
    • Front Office and Housekeeping
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Management
    • Reservations and Tour/Activity
  • Information Technology
    • General IT Essentials
    • Network Hardware Unit
    • Programming Software
    • Web and Digital
  • Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing Essentials
    • Assembly and Packaging
    • Manufacturing Processes
    • Machining
    • Welding
    • Production Operations Management
    • Basic Industrial Equipment
    • Advanced Industrial Equipment

The Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship (YA) Program is an effective talent-acquisition strategy used by thousands of Wisconsin employers every year.

For an apprenticeship to be valuable to an employer and an employee, the skills expected to be learned in that apprenticeship (contained in what is called the “skill standards checklist”) must match what employers really need and reflect current processes and equipment used on the job. To that end, the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has begun the process of modernizing the program by updating these checklists along with other aspects of the program.

Five of the eleven broad YA industry areas and the 27 specific occupational areas under them will be addressed in the first year of the modernization. These five are: (1) Finance, (2) Health Science, (3) Hospitality, Lodging and Tourism, (4) Information Technology, and (5) Manufacturing. A list of the 27 occupational areas is in the chart to the right.

The DWD is assembling industry advisory panels for each of these occupational areas to play a key role in the modernization. The employer representatives who serve on these panels will act as subject matter experts and offer their guidance and input regarding the specific skills that should be learned by a youth apprentice in their field.

When and where will the panels meet?

Starting in July and over the course of six months, there will be two separate in-person, day-long meetings, as well as one or two webinars lasting less than two hours each.

Locations will depend on the composition of each panel.

What’s required of panelists?

Participants must be able to attend the meetings. There may also be some preparation required prior to the meetings (for example, review of the current skill checklists). During these meetings, panelists will discuss current checklists, changes in their industry which require different skills, as well as whether there are new occupational areas that should be developed.

What should you do if you are interested?

Contact YA Section Chief Cathy Crary at ya@dwd.wisconsin.gov by June 14th.