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NEW Digital News

Thank You Alliance Members

The NEW Digital Alliance would like to thank Cellcom for their support as an Executive Level Investor in 2021. We would also like to thank EDCi for thier support as a General Investor.  To learn more about Cellcom and EDCI, click on their names!

Alliance News:

Happy June! For many in Wisconsin, June brings a slower pace with vacations and leisurely summer days on the water. Here at the NEW Digital Alliance it June means it’s the end of the fiscal year and the tying up of loose ends as we prepare to move into the new fiscal calendar. It also means we’re heads down in planning all of the fall activities for the NEW Digital Alliance.

Our executive committee functions as our Board of Directors, with ultimate oversight from the New North board. We are continuing to grow our executive committee to ultimately form our own board of directors as we complete the process of becoming a stand-alone non-profit within the next year. Check out the newest members of the committee in the article below.

Over the summer we are continuing to run our Upskilling and Reskilling Round Table. We had a great conversation at our last meeting and learned about some exciting opportunities for Fast Forward funds which can be used to train our incumbent workforce as well as to reskill career changers. Bobbi Miller from the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board shared some demographic trends with the group that will have long-term impacts on the workforce. With Boomers leaving the workforce in increasing numbers, ultimately transferring vast quantities of wealth to their offspring. This in turn is allowing millennials to be more selective about working with an increasing number preferring part-time work. Men, in particular, are showing a strong preference for part-time work and video gaming, with more men aged 25-34 living with their parents than has been seen since 1880. Combine this with the loss of 2.4 million women from the workforce in 2020-21, and a contracting population due to declining birthrates, and the labor market doesn’t look terribly bright. You can find the full EMSI Demographic Drought report on our website here under Presentations. Our next meeting is scheduled for July 27. Seats are limited so we encourage you to register early as our last meeting was waitlisted.

On July 20 we will be holding our next Quarterly Meeting. Investors and community members are welcome to attend. This meeting will focus on Back to Work, and Managing a Hybrid Workforce. Our panel guests will include the director of HR at J. J. Keller, the CISO from Secura, and the Practice Leader at Eppstein Uhen Architects. They will be sharing their perspectives on challenges and solutions for bringing the workforce back into the office (or not) and what that may mean for the future of work. The next Quarterly Meeting will be held on October 12. This will be our annual TechTalent Summit where we will share the State of IT in Northeast Wisconsin. Registration for both events is open now on our events page.

In November we will hold our annual NEW Connect IT career fair for high school students. Due to the ongoing uncertainty with field trips and corporate travel we will be conducting this year’s event in a virtual format. Last year we were able to connect our investor organizations with over 600 high school students across Wisconsin to introduce them to IT careers and educational pathways. We hope to exceed that number with this year’s event. 

If you are a high school teacher or counselor and would like more information about the NEW Connect IT event, please reach out to Kim@newDigitalAlliance.org. We are still working on event details and will add you to the communication list to keep you informed. As all careers require some form of digital skills, this is a fantastic ACP opportunity for students – especially those not currently in your CS class!

NEW Digital Alliance Welcomes New Board Members

Leaders from SECURA and EDCi will offer unique perspectives to help promote tech talent

NEW NORTH, June 1, 2021 – Jack Brown, Director of Business Intelligence at SECURA, and Dan Suda, Vice President at EDCi have joined the NEW Digital Alliance Executive Committee Kim Iversen, Director of the NEW Digital Alliance, recently announced.

Brown is responsible for developing the overall data strategy for SECURA which includes rolling out a comprehensive data governance framework to help the organization before more data-driven. Brown and his team are responsible for ensuring adoption of the framework by utilizing appropriate organizational change management practices. Beginning his career as a Business Analyst, Brown has part of larger strategic efforts such as policy administration implementations, risk management system implementations, data warehouse rollouts, and standard reporting around corporate KPIs. Iversen stated that “Jack has experience starting IT Youth Apprenticeships, which is a great way to engage high school students in IT while also providing an alternate path for staffing an IT department. I am impressed with Jack’s passion around engaging youth and alternate talent streams and I hope his presence on the board will inspire other companies in Northeast Wisconsin.”

Suda is a transformational business leader and a coach/mentor in Information Technology. He has been in leadership roles in IT consulting for 20 years and at EDCi for 13 years where he develops and executes strategies to improve the solutions the organization provides its customers. “Dan’s experience, combined with his experience working with the Fox Valley Technical College IT Advisory Committee and volunteering with Microsoft’s TEALS program will be a great asset to the Alliance,” says Iversen. “He brings a unique perspective of understanding the IT profession as a practitioner and as a volunteer mentoring and preparing others entering the profession.”

Unemployment Updates

Demand for talent continues to remain strong for Wisconsin and the New North region. National demand for tech talent also remains high, with the tech unemployment rate for April (2.5%) and lower than pre-pandemic levels of 3% in January 2020. National unemployment continues to hover around 6.1%, with Wisconsin at 3.9%, and Northeast Wisconsin data unavailable for April.

Data Sources: CompTia IT Employment Tracker, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and New North IntelTracker

Regional News

UW Oshkosh Plans to Offer a 21-credit Minor in Cybersecurity

Beginning in the Fall of 2021, UW Oshkosh will offer a 21-credit minor in Cybersecurity through the Information Systems department of the College of Business. The Cybersecurity minor will provide students with foundational IS skills (including skills in programming, network communications, and database systems) as well as specialized enterprise cybersecurity skills such as threat analysis, risk management, and penetration testing. In a digitized, connected, 21st Century world, cybersecurity skills are needed in every business and in every role. Fox Valley businesses alone posted 200 cybersecurity job openings in the last twelve months.

With the addition of this minor, the Information Systems department in the UW Oshkosh College of Business has a comprehensive range of cybersecurity offerings—CertificateMinor, and major emphasis—to empower UWO graduates to fill the vast, expanding needs for cybersecurity in the workplace. These UWO cybersecurity programs, coupled with its soon-to-open Center for Cybersecurity Excellence, demonstrate how UW Oshkosh and the College of Business continue to fulfill the promise of the Wisconsin Idea. For more information, contact Michael Patton.

More Information

Cybersecurity Camp


Einstein’s Sandbox is Coming to a Park Near You!

Einstein’s Sandbox is a mobile creativity lab that will be bringing FREE programs to city parks in Green Bay, Appleton, & Oshkosh this summer. With generous support from Brown County United Way, the WPS Foundation, and the Mielke Family Foundation we are scheduled to be in 13 locations more than 50 times in 3 months.

Each month kids will experience different themed projects, challenges, and open-ended opportunities to unleash their creativity. During each 2 hour session at a location, there will be different age-appropriate opportunities for kids ages 4 & up to tinker, create, and learn.  We will bring materials, hand tools, and digital tools like a 3D printer and laser cutter.

We need your help! While we are getting some help from the parks and recreation departments, an endeavor of this size needs an army of volunteers. We are looking for 4-6 additional volunteers to support each 2-hour session. Our staff will provide all of the necessary instruction. Volunteers can jump in where they are most comfortable. We are happy to take individuals or groups. Background checks are mandatory for all volunteers to help keep our kids and communities safe. We would be especially grateful for volunteers from all walks of life. We want to make sure that all kids feel welcome and have opportunities to learn. Multi-lingual support can help to break down barriers and show kids that everyone can participate in STEM. Please check out the open slots and sign up here on SignUpGenius

We would also love it if you could spread the word! These sessions are FREE! I have attached a flyer. Please share it within your organization, as well as with your friends and family. We will soon begin posting the opportunities to social media. Follow us and share it to broaden our reach. With your help, we can bring fun and learning to thousands of kids this summer!

Mobile Program Poster 2021

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AITP Presents Sherry Anklam Memorial Award

THE SHERRY ANKLAM MEMORIAL AWARD, presented by the Northeast Wisconsin AITP Chapter, is awarded to outstanding collegiate students pursuing an Information Technology degree with a strong academic record and a passion to share IT with those around them. This spring the Chapter is proud to bestow this special cash award to two very deserving students from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Annie Skorupa is a Spring 2021 recipient of the Sherry Anklam Memorial Award. She is recognized for her high GPA and her IT skills demonstrated in various volunteer roles. Annie has mentored middle school girls in STEM, and is the Social Media Coordinator of Women in Technology on Campus at UW-GB. Annie’s future goals include training and teaching others in the field of technology. Congratulations Annie!

Carisa Scanlon is a Spring 2021 recipient of the Sherry Anklam Memorial Award.  Carisa is recognized for her high GPA and pursuit of higher learning in the IT field, first at Nicolet Technical College and now at UW-Green Bay. She is involved in the Women in Technology on Campus at UW-GB, where she plans to help young girls find their passion in Computer Science. Carisa’s future also includes an emphasis in Software Engineering classes and a Master’s degree. Congratulations Carisa!

The NEW AITP Chapter has awarded $11,000 to IT Students in Northeast Wisconsin over the last 5 years through community support of its annual Golf Outing held each July. For more information on how you can get involved this year on July 21, visit their website!

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Meet the 2021 STEM Forward Scholarship Recipients - Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Outing on August 12, 2021

Each year, STEM Forward awards six $2,500 scholarships totaling $15,000 to outstanding students from the Milwaukee area who are enrolled in STEM-related programs to encourage talented students to maintain high academic achievement standards and service. We believe that to add to Southeastern Wisconsin’s talent pipeline; we must provide as many possibilities to students as possible —big or small.

Interested in raising funds for a great cause? Join us at the 16th Annual Scholarship Program Golf Outing on August 12, 2021, at Morningstar Golfers’ Club. More details can be found at https://www.stemforward.org/scholarship-golf-outing-2021

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NCWIT- WI Aspirations in Computing 2021 Awards Update

We had an uplifting “virtual” afternoon last month honoring an impressive field of technically minded young women at the high-school and collegiate levels along with their inspiring educators. Fantastic keynote speakers and a lively panel of past winners made this an outstanding event. Check out our new NCWIT -WI website for a video of the event. Homepage – NCWIT (ncwit-wi.org)  Feel the excitement! This is our future, and it is bright!


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