May 2024 Tech Upload

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NEW Digital News

The NEWDA Talent Committee, a diverse group of passionate professionals, has been working tirelessly to shape the future of IT education in our community. As co-chairs, Cindy Enli and I, alongside Jason Mathwig, our Industry Alliance Director, are thrilled to share the latest milestones and the folks involved in contributing to this effort.

🚀 Milestone Achieved: We’ve successfully Defined IT Entry Points, laying a foundation to ignite curiosity and skill development at every educational and professional stage, from middle schoolers to retirees.

🌍 Current Endeavor: We’re deeply involved in Mapping the Technology Education Ecosystem. This crucial effort will unveil how we can interconnect learning and growth opportunities to build a resilient, future-ready IT workforce. It will also identify gaps across the region.

🤝 Upcoming Collaboration: Our next step is to Align with NEWDA’s Executive Committee, ensuring our action plans harmonize with broader objectives and harness collective strengths.

🎯 On the Horizon: We’ll be focusing on Identifying Actionable Initiatives. These targeted projects will be our commitment to bridging the gap between current IT skills and the demands of tomorrow’s digital landscape.

We are proud to spotlight the individuals who make up our committee, bringing their expertise and insight to the table:

Each member plays a pivotal role in this exciting journey toward technological empowerment. Thank you for your support and interest in the work we’re doing. It’s a community effort, and together, we’re not just adapting to change; we’re leading IT!

EDCi hosting May IT event

Mastering Data Governance for Secure Microsoft Copilot AI Integration

EDCi is hosting a complimentary seminar on Friday, May 31 on Mastering Data Governance for Secure Microsoft Copilot AI Integration. Discover the game-changing potential of Microsoft Copilot in the workplace and learn how to unlock its capabilities securely with a focused data governance strategy. Join us for an enlightening seminar crafted for forward-thinking leaders eager to maintain a competitive edge in today’s AI-driven corporate world.

Why Join Us?

Gain invaluable insights into essential data governance strategies for seamless AI integration,  effectively mitigate risks associated with AI deployment, experience firsthand AI integration demos, and discover how to position your organization at the forefront of AI-powered innovation. Master AI data governance and risk mitigation with Copilot. Gain real-world integration insights to lead the charge in AI innovation. In addition to the seminar, lunch will be provided.

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AI and the 21st Century Worker

AI is streamlining operations through automation, empowering smarter decision-making with data analytics, and enhancing customer experiences with personalization. As new AI technologies rapidly become more prevalent in our lives, individuals across all industries are equipping themselves with knowledge and skills to transition seamlessly into AI roles.

This seminar is designed to provide you with a foundational understanding of AI and how you might integrate it into your business operations. You’ll explore fundamental concepts, practical applications, future trends and personal upward mobility strategies. We’ll breakdown the mechanics and structures of AI technologies and help you envision the role AI plays in your field. You’ll leave inspired with practical ideas for how you can integrate AI in your own work.

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AI Consulting for Small Business: Where to Start?

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just for tech giants anymore. Today, small businesses have access to a wealth of AI-powered tools and strategies that can revolutionize their operations, boost efficiency, and unlock new growth opportunities. But navigating the world of AI can be daunting. That’s where AI consulting comes in.

What is AI Consulting and How Can It Benefit Your Small Business?

AI consulting firms specialize in helping businesses understand and implement AI solutions tailored to their specific needs. They act as a bridge between the complex world of AI and the practical demands of running a small business.

Here are some of the Key Benefits AI Consulting can offer your Small Business:

  • Identify AI Opportunities: AI consultants can assess your business operations and pinpoint areas where AI can have the most significant impact. This could include tasks like automating repetitive processes, improving customer service with chatbots, or gaining valuable insights from customer data through machine learning.
  • Develop an AI Roadmap: Once you’ve identified potential applications for AI, consultants can help you create a roadmap for implementation. This roadmap will factor in your budget, resources, and long-term goals, ensuring your AI journey is strategic and sustainable.
  • Choose the Right AI Tools: The AI landscape is constantly evolving, with new tools and platforms emerging all the time. AI consultants can help you navigate this complexity and identify the most suitable solutions for your specific needs.
  • Implementation and Integration: Integrating AI seamlessly into your existing workflows is crucial for success. Consultants can assist with implementation, ensuring your chosen AI tools work smoothly alongside your current systems and processes.

Real-World Examples of AI in Action for Small Businesses

Here are some concrete examples of how small businesses are leveraging AI to gain a competitive edge within your industry:

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What is the Circular Economy?

In a world of dwindling resources and overflowing landfills, our traditional way of producing and consuming goods can’t last. The linear economic model—where we take resources, make products, and then toss them when we’re done—is unsustainable. It’s time for a shift, and the circular economy offers a promising solution.

What is a Traditional or Linear Economic Economy?

The traditional economic model, often referred to as “linear,” follows a take-make-dispose pattern. In this system, resources are extracted, products are manufactured, used, and then discarded, generating significant waste.

This approach is problematic because it relies on a constant supply of new resources, many of which are finite, leading to the depletion of natural reserves and straining ecosystems. Additionally, the extraction, manufacturing, and disposal processes in the linear model often involve energy-intensive and toxic methods, contributing significantly to environmental pollution. Finally, the linear model results in massive amounts of waste ending up in landfills or being incinerated, further harming the environment and squandering valuable resources.

How is a Circular Economy Different From a Linear Economy?

The circular economy offers a more sustainable alternative. It’s a model of production and consumption that prioritizes keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible. This is achieved through practices like repair, refurbishment, reuse, and recycling.

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Join the new era of cloud computing with Involta’s Private Cloud

Managing IT infrastructure is no small task—and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. In the rapidly evolving world of cloud computing, businesses and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are constantly seeking reliable partners that can offer cutting-edge technology, robust support and scalable solutions.

In the wake of significant changes to the cloud ecosystem following the Broadcom-VMware acquisition, choosing a seasoned, trusted cloud service provider has never been more critical. As a Premier Partner in the new Broadcom-VMware Cloud Service Providers (VCSP) program, Involta and our Private Cloud have become a beacon of stability and innovation for MSPs navigating these changes.

Premier Partner, Premier Support

The unique hurdles set in motion by the Broadcom-VMware transition have led many organizations to reassess their cloud strategies and partnerships while figuring out how to maintain the continuity, security and efficiency of their cloud operations.

Involta’s status as a Premier Partner within the Broadcom VCSP program positions us to help enterprises revolutionize their cloud strategy. It’s more than a badge of honor—it’s a representation of our commitment to offering high-quality, reliable cloud services. This distinction provides Involta with the latest VMware technologies, insights and support, enabling us to deliver best-in-class infrastructure and expertise to our clients.

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Regional News


A Student shares his journey as an IT Youth Apprentice

The Northwoods Youth Apprenticeship (YA) Consortium is a unique NEW North collaboration of 16 school districts, Cooperative Educational Service Agency (CESA) 8, and local employers partnering to provide on-demand, related instruction with mentored on-the-job training to regional youth.  This consortium developed under the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Youth Apprenticeship Program.  

The YA program provides junior and senior-level students opportunities to gain skills and knowledge in the classroom that they can then apply to related careers.  These experiences allow students to connect with workforce needs, develop employability skills, and “try on” a future career to identify the fit.  Students can participate in a one or two- year program and meet certificate completion requirements when they meet 450 hours of employability annually and complete high school or college credit courses related to their determined pathway.

Our consortium allows CESA 8 schools to participate, providing a broader reach to equitably offer options to rural districts of all enrollment sizes.  The districts participating include: Coleman, Gillett, Oconto Falls, Oconto, Wausaukee, Florence, Wabeno, Lena, Goodman-Armstrong Creek, Marinette, Suring, Gresham, Tigerton, Crivitz, Menominee Indian and Niagara.  Each district commits to providing a local YA coordinator to help with the student-employer connection blended with an Executive Team and CESA 8 staff which provide a regional supportive approach.

Cameron Duncan is a Senior at Lena High School and an active Youth Apprenticeship student placed in the Information Technology: IT Essentials Program/Pathway. 

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Unlocking Career Pathways: The Automobile Gallery's new zSpace

Exploring Careers at The Automobile Gallery & Event Center’s Education Center

In an exciting move towards fostering career exploration and educational opportunities, The Automobile Gallery & Event Center is dedicating its education center to guiding young minds towards diverse career paths.

Discovering Opportunities in the Automotive Industry

Located in the heart of Green Bay, Wisconsin, The Automobile Gallery & Event Center has long been a beacon for automotive enthusiasts, showcasing a stunning collection of classic cars and hosting various events. Now, with the establishment of this dedicated education center, the gallery is taking its commitment to community engagement and learning to new heights.

The newly minted education center aims to inspire and empower individuals, particularly students, to explore the multitude of career possibilities within the automotive industry and beyond. By providing immersive experiences, workshops, and resources, the center will serve as a hub for educational enrichment, sparking curiosity and igniting passion in the hearts of its visitors.

With our zSpace technology students can dive into the engineering marvels behind automobile design, uncovering the intricacies of automotive history, or discovering the vast array of professions encompassed within the industry, the education center promises to offer something for everyone.

Using this interactive technology in conjunction with local schools and organizations, The Automobile Gallery & Event Center is poised to become not just a destination for automotive enthusiasts, but a catalyst for career exploration and personal growth.

Whether you’re a student pondering your future career path or simply curious about the inner workings of the automotive world, be sure to visit The Automobile Gallery & Event Center’s education center and embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration. Your future awaits, and it starts here.

Google just dropped millions of dollars to teach more people how to use AI—and an exec says it could ‘create a reinvigoration of the American middle class’

By Jane Thier
Yahoo!Finance via 

On Friday (4/26/24) morning, Google announced a $75 million grant in an upskilling initiative called the AI Opportunity Fund. The fund—meted out through, the company’s philanthropic arm—aims to make AI training more accessible across the globe, namely in underserved communities and those working in nonprofits or small businesses.

In tandem, the ubiquitous tech giant announced it’s rolling out a new product-agnostic course on AI essentials, geared at covering foundational AI skills and best practices.

“AI offers significant opportunities to accelerate economic growth, particularly if people have access to the right resources and training,” James Manyika, Google’s senior vice president of Research, Technology & Society, wrote in a press release. “’s new AI Opportunity Fund and Google’s AI Essentials Course are important next steps in our commitment to ensure everyone, everywhere can access AI training.”

“No single employer or policymaker will be able to modernize workforce programs on their own,” Manyika went on. “We are committed to collaborating across industry, civil society and government to ensure the opportunities created by new technologies are available to everyone.”

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How DevOps teams can evolve to meet business demands

As business leaders look to encourage new approaches, combined DevOps teams provide a route forward – but talent shortages and teething issues can hamper progress

At a time of fast-moving technological change, leaders fall under increasing pressure to embed or improve DevOps teams and tactics within the workplace.

However, amid a talent shortage, cost-cutting, and the challenges of modern application environments, changing culture from within can be tricky – especially when, as experts concede, there are many “egos” involved.

This doesn’t mean companies shouldn’t attempt the change, says James Harvey, CTO Advisor EMEA, at Cisco Observability. He believes moving DevOps teams from “adapting on the hoof” as they embrace cloud native tech to a more considered regime can be a clear positive.

“Business leaders need to encourage new approaches, structures, and processes,” he says, citing how providing DevOps teams with the right tools and technologies to optimize application performance in multi-cloud and hybrid environments can ensure they prioritize actions based on business outcomes set by the C-suite. To achieve this, engineers must become more data-driven, correlating IT performance with business metrics.

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