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NEW Connect IT

How about that game on Sunday night? With snow flying in true Wisconsin fashion, the Packers held strong to the very end, pulling off a victory. The magic of Lambeau Field is rubbing off on the NEW IT Alliance as we complete our final preparations for the annual NEW Connect IT event. With an anticipated 560 students from 20 high schools across the region, we expect record participation for the third year in a row. Students will be joining us to learn about IT careers, companies who hire IT talent, and the programs available from local colleges to prepare students for those careers. The event is scheduled for November 21 at Lambeau Field. Doors open at 8:30 am and close at 2:00pm. We have reserved a few booths for late entry companies looking to participate. Contact for more information.

TechTalk 2019 @UW Oshkosh

Kicking off our winning streak, NEW IT Alliance held the first TechTalk of the 2019-20 season at UW Oshkosh, with record attendance of 60 students and faculty. Thank you to Ethan Bagley, Director of Innovation at J. J. Keller who spoke about his career path. He also shared the technologies J. J. Keller & Associates is exploring to help keep America’s highways and workplaces safe. With each new technology, Ethan discussed the skills needed on the teams working with AI, VR/AR, data analytics, and other exciting technologies they are looking at. TechTalks are being scheduled at campuses around Northeast Wisconsin, and are open to the community to attend. Check out for upcoming TechTalks near you. Companies are encouraged to participate and network with students from the campus. Last year, NEW IT Alliance member Stellar Blue hired four students who had attended TechTalks.

NEW Computer Science Advisory Board

At the next meeting of the Higher Ed Committee, the NEW IT Alliance will continue its focus on student centered activities and professional development with a visit from the presidents of the local chapters of AITP and IIBA. They plan to discuss how their organizations can connect with students to help engage and excite them about careers in technology and as business analysts, as well as provide them with valuable networking opportunities to help keep students in the region after graduation. Recently the committee was expanded with a liaison from our executive committee who will represent local technology employers. Thank you Pat Rothe, VP of IT Global Infrastructure and PMO at Plexus, for taking on this leadership role. As we formalize this committee we’ve elected a chair to help lead us into the next phase of growth. Thank you Doug Waterman, Dean Information Technology and Learning Innovations at Fox Valley Technical College, for taking on this challenge.

Career Pathways

Rounding out the past month, the Department of Workforce Development has kicked off revisions to the IT Youth Apprenticeship program. The NEW IT Alliance is working with DWD and IT leaders from around the state to modernize requirements and help re-launch this program throughout the state. IT Youth Apprenticeship will tie in with the IT Career Pathways launched last month by the Department of Public Instruction, and create a bridge between the Pathways and adult IT apprenticeships rolling out throughout Wisconsin. Interested in learning more about how your company can get involved in offering youth and adult IT apprenticeships? Stop by the DWD booth at the NEW Connect IT Event on November 21!


Regional News

Skyline Wins WASB Award

Thanks to the work Erin Draheim and other associates put into building educational support for the upcoming generations of technical professionals, we are excited to share that Skyline Technologies has been recognized for the Wisconsin Association of School Boards Business Honor Roll by the Hortonville School District.

Things You Don’t Know You Should Recycle

Sadoff E-Recycling & Data DestructionDo you have a lot of storage devices, cords, and printers that you’re not sure what to do with? Can’t you just throw them away? Find out how to dispose of them safely and securely from an article by Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction. Read on to learn how to dispose of things like printers, network equipment, and computer accessories properly.

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Free Training: Power Platform Walkthrough

What could your business accomplish if everyone could build apps, data visualizations, and automated tasks? In this on-demand webinar, you will see what’s possible with Microsoft’s new Power Platform. Skyline will also demonstrate how their clients are using it to improve productivity and accelerate innovation. Click on the link below to learn more about the webinar and to watch it today!

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Green Bay Startup Week

This week is Startup Wisconsin Week in Green Bay! Startup Wisconsin aims to help entrepreneurs and tech startups discover resources in their communities. They highlight the importance of startups to the growth of Wisconsin’s economy and showcase innovations developed by startup companies all around Wisconsin. Kick start your business by joining us at the many events held this week! All of the events are located in the link below!

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