Software Tester / Quality Assurance

Software Tester / Quality Assurance

Software Testers and Quality Assurance employees work with other employees and customers to understand what the system is supposed to do, and then devise tests to check if the system actually does it.

Skills include:

  • Enjoys breaking things so they can be fixed
  • Good problem solver
  • Creative thinker
  • Puts themselves in the shoes of those who will use the technology


Typically starts around $55,000 and that can increase up to $93,000


Anywhere that new software or technologies are implemented, testing needs to be done. Sometimes this is one of the responsibilities of the other IT roles, and sometimes a company has a dedicated testing team.

Software Developer

Educational Pathway Options

Training Courses/Boot Camp Developer (New Horizons)

Programming classes (Lakeland)

Pathway Certificate IT Development (FVTC)

Computer Programming Certificate (Fall 2020) (UWO)

Technical Diploma
Apprenticeship Software Developer (DWD)
Associate Degree Software Developer (NWTC)

Software Developer (FVTC)

Bachelor’s Degree BS Computer Science (UWO)

BS Computer Science with Systems and Theory emphasis (UWO)

BS Software Technology (UWO)

BBA Information Systems with Web & Mobile Emphasis (UWO)

BBA Information Systems with Computer Science Emphasis (UWO)

BS Applied Computing (UWO)

Computer Science major with Software Design emphasis (Lakeland)

Minor Computer Science Minor (UWO)

Computer Science Minor (Lakeland)

Transfer Agreement UWGB – Computer Science & UWO – Leadership Program (NWTC)
Master’s Degree