User / Computer Support

User / Computer Support

These employees help other employees resolve issues and challenges with their software or equipment when things don’t work as planned. Often gains a wide variety of knowledge about the company’s systems and business processes.

Skills include:

  • Enjoys solving problems and working with people
  • Likes to teach and help others
  • Thinks about challenges employees may face, and creates help documents


Typically starts around $36,000 and increases up to $61,500


This may be part of another role’s responsibilities, or be a dedicated team depending on the company.

User/Computer Support

Educational Pathway Options

Training Courses/Boot Camp CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (New Horizons)
Pathway Certificate Computer Support (NWTC)

CompTIA A+ Certification (New Horizons)

Technical Diploma Computer Support Technician (NWTC)

Helpdesk Support Specialist (FVTC)

Help Desk Support Specialist (MPTC)

Apprenticeship IT Service Desk Technician (DWD)
Associate Degree Computer Support Specialist (NWTC)

Computer Support Specialist (FVTC)

Technical Support Specialist (MPTC)

Bachelor’s Degree BBA Information Systems (UWO)
Minor Information Systems Minor (UWO)
Transfer Agreement UWGB and UWO in Leadership Programs (NWTC)
Master’s Degree