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Sophomore Excels in Lakeland University’s IT Program

Lakeland University sophomore Lao Chang entered his cooperative education job with Lakeland’s IT Department with limited relevant skills, but wrapped up his experience with a wealth of knowledge.

Chang, who is double majoring in computer science and math, was part of the IT student staff in the fall and tasked with a variety of roles, including responding to calls to the IT help desk, troubleshooting computer issues and learning more about Lakeland’s network.

 Lakeland’s Cooperative Education program allows students to work in full- and part-time roles with co-op partner companies. The students earn valuable professional experience and are counseled to use their wages to help pay for school, putting them in a position to have little or no post-graduation tuition debt.

 Companies in the region are benefitting by gaining access to a new workforce to fill key roles and the ability to “test drive” possible long-term hires.

 Along with the hands-on knowledge, Chang improved his soft skills. He said being willing to learn, communicating well and being self-motivated were all key to a solid experience.

Chang also had an opportunity to connect with Lakeland graduate Devin Equitz, an IT support specialist at Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies, to learn more about his career path and gain some sound advice.

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