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Dec 8, 2020: NEW CS Advisory Board Notes


Kristin Comerford, Marci Waldron-Kuhn, Tina Lemmens, Eric VandenHeuvel, Leah Bruess, Becky Walker, Chad Behnke, Travis Jiskra, Kyle Siech, John Schultz, Amy Pearce, Bobbi Fields, Barb LaMue, David Gundlach, Drew Phillips, Harley Griesbach, John Muraski, Jakob Iversen, John Katers, Mike Zorn, R. Scott Blamey


  • Welcome and Alliance updates
  • Howard Suamico CS Advisory Board Update
  • Discussion: 2021 planning 
  • Report out and wrap up

CS Teacher Training and Networking Opportunities

  • The next SCRIPT Workshop will be held on February 11, 17, & 18, 2021. For more information or to register, please contact Tina Lemmens at CESA7. 
  • Free practice for the Praxis CS exam from CompuScholar. Register here: https://www.compuscholar.com/schools/standards/states/wisconsin/praxis 
  • District sponsored CS1405 Teacher License Program offered through CESA7. For more information please contact Aaron Malczewski. Open to all districts.
  • CSTA Wisconsin Dairyland is facilitating monthly sharing sessions on January 20, February 17, and April 21 from 7-8 pm via Zoom. Use this link. Meeting ID: 918 3513 8697. Password: 223963 

Planning Discussion

  • Meeting duration will remain at 1.5 hours, and not increase to 2 hours
  • We will hold three CS Advisory board meetings per year, and one TechTalent Summit to which both educators and business will be invited
  • The group broke out into smaller discussion groups to discuss the following questions. Feedback was gathered using IdeaBoardz, allowing for “sticky note” brainstorming and voting on each idea. The ideas and votes for each are listed below. We will work to cover as many of the of the desired topics as we can in our 2021 meetings, focusing on the high interest topics first.
    • What topics would you like to see the NEW CS Advisory Board cover in future meetings?
    • What challenges is your district facing with implementing computer science pathways?
    • What successes has your district had with implementing computer science pathways?