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Last year, global e-waste production ballooned to 57.4 million metric tons—outweighing the heaviest artificial object on Earth, the Great Wall of China.

With e-waste accumulating in greater numbers each year, Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction understands and shares your concerns for the future. Our hope and optimism for mitigating the e-waste crisis is what drives us every single day.

Our actions continually expand to address the e-waste emergency threatening the planet’s future, including the following present tactics.

Understanding the E-Waste Emergency

We’re all aware the planet didn’t simply go from producing zero e-waste, to producing the present massive quantity. For those who suddenly become aware of this crisis, the amount of e-waste produced annually can be staggering. At Sadoff, we’ve come to appreciate that in order to fathom this problem, let alone begin to solve it, we must understand and educate how and why we’ve arrived at our current situation.

As with so many technological advents, a dazzling new invention precedes unforeseen consequences; many innovations appear at first to be perfect before they’re determined disastrous, such as adding lead to paint and gasoline. With so many technological advances following the Industrial Revolution, electronic devices have added incalculable benefits to humanity, from convenience and entertainment to vital communication advances and life-saving healthcare technology.

It’s little wonder how these benefits allowed the global populace to produce ever more electronic devices without considering the detriments. But as we’ve come to recognize the gravity of the threats facing the planet due to e-waste, we recognize the solutions start with raising awareness.

Teaching Which Electronics Can Be Recycled

Armed with awareness of e-waste, most people are eager to embrace e-recycling. However, not all electronics are recycled in the same manner, and many consumers require guidance as to which electronics are recyclable.

Part of our efforts to educate consumers about e-waste—while encouraging e-recycling and making it more convenient—is to help companies implement in-house e-recycling programs complete with on-site e-waste collection bins.

Explaining Benefits of E-Recycling Beyond the Environment

Teaching others about the devastating environmental damage of e-waste will typically elicit an emotional reaction. However, that ecological appeal is even likelier to lead to action when paired with the data security and financial benefits of e-recycling.

  • Prevent Data Breaches: Improper disposal of electronics can really hit home when companies recognize they’re unnecessarily risking data breach (even when they think they’re safe).
  • Profit from Old Electronics and IT Equipment: The same goes for companies that learn they could make money from e-recycling; it’s always shocking to companies to find out they’re literally throwing away profits.

Sadoff’s Internal E-Waste Improvements

Sadoff has been in the e-recycling and secure data destruction industry since 2017, tirelessly seeking to improve our world—starting with our own actions.

Among our internal efforts, we seek to constantly connect with organizations who share our values, such as E-Cycle Wisconsin. Our goal of mitigating e-waste is not ours alone, and we’re eager to collaborate and mutually strengthen other companies and organizations looking to wage this battle with us.

Our credibility serves as the basis of these collaborations as well as our own operations. Therefore, Sadoff’s internal efforts also include seeking all relevant e-recycle certifications, including our recently awarded Green Professional status from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.

And ultimately, it’s vital to our internal and external credibility to do everything possible to reduce our e-recycling facility’s environmental footprint.

E-Recycling for a Better Future

In taking on our planet’s e-waste crisis, Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction has continuously sought the best strategies, operations, certifications, and partnerships. We’ve seen and contributed to highly encouraging progress in just five years, but we need to keep getting better—our future depends on it. We are always seeking new ideas and collaborations, and implore you to contact us if you too are determined and hopeful about building a better future.