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Our Year So Far

Spring has arrived in Wisconsin…the trees are budding, daffodils are starting to poke up out of the ground, and a snowstorm is in the forecast! Early spring is always a time of change and growth as winter releases it’s grip and plants and animals return. Just like spring, the NEW IT Alliance is changing and growing. Check out what we’re working on, as well as all the exciting things happening in our region!

Thank you Cellcom for your Executive Level support!

Ready, Set, Action!

Filming of the IT career videos is off to a roaring success thanks to all the wonderfully talented IT volunteers who gave up a day in the office to spend a day on the stage at the Grand in Oshkosh. We had nearly every IT role represented, and a few exciting non-traditional ones too…programming of humanoid robots anyone? Who knew our IT departments were so full of Holywood talent!!

With the interviews and primary footage behind us, our wonderfully talented videography team from Stellar Blue will be visiting companies in the region to capture the b-roll footage. A huge THANK YOU to Steller Blue and all the companies allowing us to capture footage of their operations!!

Our goal is to publish the first couple of videos in mid-May, with regular releases after that. Videos will be published on our YouTube channel, as well as on the career page of our website. The videos will be used by regional schools as part of the academic and career planning, to help students learn about IT careers. The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is also interested in using the videos to help educate career changers on the variety of careers available within IT.

Pictures from filming the IT career videos



Our website is growing! We’ve added three new pages to the Explore IT area focused on teachers, K12 students, and IT majors. With information about why IT is important, IT careers, and next steps to take, we hope to help teachers guide their students on an IT pathway, and help those who like to venture out on their own find the information they are looking for. The IT majors page focuses more on that transitional phase when college students have to start thinking about internships and careers, moving from student to young professional.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Or discovered something we missed? Let us know! Simply fill out our Contact Us form, and let us know your thoughts! We’ll review your suggestions and weave in what makes sense in our next round of updates.

Teacher Externship

We are in need of sponsors for our teacher externship. While the NEW IT Alliance is providing financial support for the event, our budget does not yet allow us to fully fund all of our events on our own. We therefore need your help to make this event a reality!

During the course of the two days, teachers will be educated about IT careers and pathways for their students, learn about IT programs in our regional colleges, visit local companies and learn about their IT departments, share their learnings, and weave the information into their curriculum for next school year.

This externship is designed to:

  • Increase educator knowledge of IT labor market needs within the region.
  • Bridge classroom instruction to create more relevance to student learning.
  • Increase student interest in IT career fields within the region.

Our goal is to open the event to 40 teachers from CESA6 and CESA7 districts, in hopes of growing the event next year to include the remainder of northeast Wisconsin. Teachers will be paid a small stipend for the 2 day event, and lunch will be provided on one of the two days.

If you are interested in being an event sponsor, contact Kim Iversen at newitalliance@gmail.com for more information. We also have a few spots open for companies interested in hosting a handful of teachers.

Are you an interested teacher? Contact Tania Kilpatrick or Alec Belling for details on how to register.

NEW IT Alliance Outreach

In March, the NEW IT Alliance had the opportunity to participate in the Fox Cities Chamber’s Your Future Live event. This year’s event featured a new IT, STEM, Technology & Entrepreneurship zone. NEW IT Alliance partnered with Women in Technology and TEALS to introduce approximately 2600 8th graders and 2000 high school students to careers in IT. As students came through, we talked to them about the roles and opportunities within IT, and encouraged them to ask about IT careers at each of the companies’ exhibiting at the event.






Mark your calendar

Below are a few important dates you may wish to add to your calendar.

  • Tech Upload content – due April 25
    • Share the exciting things your IT department or organization is working on!
  • Tech Community – next meeting is July 12 from 2-4pm at the FVTC Bordini Center
    • Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out!
  • NEW Connect IT – November 13 at the FVTC Bordini Center
    • Check out the event website from last year, and stay tuned for updates on registration, sponsorships, and more!