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How to Enter/Advance a Career in IT

In a world of so many unknowns, one certainty is the rapid acceleration of technology. Technology is at the heart of almost everything we do these days in both our professional and personal lives fueling unprecedented demand in tech jobs. Yet, tech talent remains in short supply creating high demand for skilled technology workers.

As a member of the NEW Digital Alliance, New Horizons of Wisconsin is helping to close this gap. To achieve this, Coalition members are joining forces around key initiatives, including meeting job demand with talent supply. One area of focus in this arena is re/upskilling.

Whether you are new to the industry or enhancing your current skills, there are resources out there to help set you on a direct path to success in the tech field. New Horizons is one of them. We provide individuals the skills and credentials they need to earn a well-paying career in IT from entry-level to director-level positions. The best part about it is you don’t even need a background in IT to start your tech journey. All it takes is interest in computers, motivation and certified curriculum to get you on your way.

When you are looking across different options, consider what you are hoping to achieve, where you are right now and what you might need to know and be able to do to move in that direction. New Horizons provides career development services if you need some help. Also consider what type of supports you might need. New Horizons provides courses that let you move at your own pace with a live mentor to make sure you get the help you need when you need it.

We also have strong relationships with local workforce boards that can help identify whether you might be eligible to receive financial support and/or help securing a position when you are done with training.

Here’s what a recent student had to say: “New Horizons literally came to me during a time when I (and understandably, much of the world) did not know what was next in terms of gainful employment and future career options, giving me hope for new possibilities.”

If you have the drive and passion to enhance your career in a high-demand industry, contact
New Horizons – Abbey Diedrich: adiedrich@newhorizonswi.com or (262) 292-2344 for a consult on how to get started.

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By Abbey Diedrich, Career Development Manager, New Horizons of Wisconsin