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Virtual Reality and the Local Business

If you’re unfamiliar with virtual reality (VR) and the technology associated with it, now is the time to brush up on what all the fuss is about. According to SuperData Research, VR related equipment and services reached $3.6 billion in revenue generation in 2018 and is projected to increase upwards of $16 billion by 2022. That’s a ton of growth for an emerging technology.

Video games and related companies are without a doubt the biggest utilizers of VR in the industry, but that is quickly changing. More and more, companies from many different industries are taking advantage of the technology’s unique capabilities in clever and exciting new ways. The uptake of VR in the business landscape is forecast by many to outpace the leisure and entertainment use of the technology by 2021 — to the tune of an estimated $9.2 billion in revenue by 2021, according to research from Tractica. The initial challenge for most businesses is understanding the product and how to use it.

Stellar Blue Technologies LogoThat’s where companies like Stellar Blue Technologies come into play. “Virtual reality can provide something extremely unique to the user,” said Stellar Blue’s resident VR expert, Andy Hoffman. “Not only are you able to show the viewer something much like a regular video, but you’re able to take it one step further into a truly engaging experience. We all know video is more engaging than the written word, but now we have virtual reality providing the user with 360 degrees of engagement. It’s like a traditional video experience on steroids. You’re able to achieve things with virtual reality like never before and virtually transport the viewer to an entirely new space.”

Virtual reality provides the opportunity for every business to reimagine how they present their brands and products to customers like never before. VR opens a whole new world of possibilities for showcasing a company’s capabilities. Stellar Blue Technologies has worked closely with a number of local businesses to help them incorporate VR into their marketing efforts.

For example, Thornberry Creek at Oneida, one of the greater Green Bay, Wisconsin area’s finest golf courses, worked with Stellar Blue to create virtual reality tours showcasing the interior atmosphere of their clubhouse and event space. The course itself gets a lot of attention, but Thornberry wanted to creatively find a way to highlight the full experience of all their top-notch facilities. Creating a one-of-a-kind VR experience seemed like the perfect choice.

Speaking of virtual tours, Clarity Care, a nonprofit organization that provides services to adults with disabilities and seniors to achieve independent living & community living, took advantage of VR tech in a similar fashion. Stellar Blue helped film and develop VR tours of Clarity Care’s high-quality facilities, apartment spaces and common areas to give people the chance to virtually tour the properties.

Another ingenious example, Mile of Music uses virtual reality to allow users the opportunity to virtually attend and experience a concert at the Mile without actually being there. Stellar Blue Technologies worked closely with the Mile of Music team to help capture the true concert goer experience, providing the Mile the opportunity to extend the events reach like never before!

Virtual reality applications are limited only by the creativity of the business looking to take advantage of the technology.

Bryan Steiner, digital marketing manager at Stellar Blue, puts it all into perspective, “We’re excited to help companies in our area strategize and figure out how VR can be used to drive revenue, now and in the future! The VR tidal wave is coming and our team here at Stellar Blue is positioned perfectly to help local businesses grab a headset and ride. The technology is amazingly powerful and businesses that understand and embrace it are putting themselves ahead of the curve and their competition.”

To learn more about Virtual Reality and Stellar Blue Technologies, please visit: www.stellarbluetechnologies.com.